Common Refrigerator Repairs Caused By People.

Many people might be looking at their fridge and wondering how it has started to break down. Then they call the professionals here at Snow Cool to try and sort out the issues. There is nothing to worry about though. Most of these problems are very common and we have helped people repair them throughout the years. So what are these common refrigerator repairs that people make themselves? Check them out below:

  • Overburdening the compressor. This might seem that it should not be possible, but the fact remains: if you overstuff your fridge with food, it relies on more energy to keep it fresh. This will cause your compressor to overwork itself to make sure that the food does not get “off” and remains fresh.

  • Not closing the door properly. This might seem like a basic thing to do, but you will be surprised how often people do it. Leave the fridge open and you invite wasted energy, the potential of food getting off and your fridge burning itself out.

  • Failing to defrost the freezer. This is a major issue that many people leave. Leaving your freezer go wild means letting it consume energy and burning out the coils. It can also the make the drains leak and overflow. This will result in you damaging your fridge worst than you could imagine.

  • Not cleaning the coils. It is important to make sure that the coils are clean and working sufficiently. This can have an impact on the functional flow of your fridge, its energy and its overall lifespan. Always clean the coils.

Finding yourself doing these things means you run the risk of your fridge dying out and malfunctioning badly. However, if it is too late and you find that your fridge is in need of repairs, then we here at Snow Cool are ready to help you when you need it the most. To get in touch with us, call us directly on 0408 236 580 or 1300 831 385.

Why Snowcool?

Few reasons why at Snowcool we are different from other businesses and the way we offer quality value for your money.

  • Early 7am start
  • Fully trade qualified, licensed, insured and factory trained technicians
  • Australian Refrigeration Council licensed and accredited repairer
  • Refrigerant Trading Authorisation No: 39559
  • Licensed for live fault finding on appliances from energy safe Victoria
  • Same day service and online booking
  • Pensioners’ discount
  • We only use genuine parts and accessories
  • All repairs covered by written warranty
  • Carry most parts in the van
  • Member of Victorian Appliance Industry Association