A brief history of Refrigeration

The history of refrigeration is vast and long. It was one of the greatest innovations created by men, and to this day, has altered the way we operate and how we live. Refrigeration is important not just for ourselves, but how we live and how businesses, industries operate. To go through each piece of refrigeration history could take hours. So we have listed the biggest and most decisive moments of refrigeration history.

  • The earliest modern indication that refrigeration was possible was in the 1750’s when William Culleen experimented with the first small refrigeration machine. He used a pump and vacuum to absorb the heat to create a small amount of ice to “cool” down things.
  • In the 1830’s when Americans used to refrigerate foods by using ice in storehouses and iceboxes. Ice was the key ingredient for long-lasting food and was difficult to come by. Over time, this idea became vastly popular and boomed into a business when Frederic Tudor created ice houses in Virginia, USA.
  • In 1842, John Gorrie created the first refrigeration system that was able to produce ice. Even though considered a “failure”, it inspired many others to take a chance on the product.
  • In 1856, James Harrison created the first practical compression refrigeration system. He introduced it to meat packing houses in the 1860’s, leading to widespread use.
  • The biggest breakthrough came in 1913 when Fred W. Wolf created the first proper domestic refrigerator. These units generally contained ice at the bottom of the fridges and was very expensive at first.
  • It eventually expanded to very first refrigerator used for widespread uses. It was called the General Electric “Monitor-Top” refrigerator and was considered a big deal upon its creation.

Over the next 30 years, as with much of technology, refrigeration technology expanded and developed at a quick rate. By the 1950’s and 60’s, fridges were common throughout homes and had developed into the first real proper refrigerator. And the rest they say, is history.

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