Popular fridge brands in Australia

Australians love their fridges. Why wouldn’t they? It’s a very useful device for keeping all your lovely food, keeping it cool when you need it and it is great for planning those fantastic BBQs. So when it comes to fridge brands, what is the most popular one in Australia? There’s more than one, we can tell you that. In fact, there’s plenty of fridge brands that are considered popular, thanks to their stylish nature, their sophisticated designs and their latest technological changes. So, listed below are the most popular fridge brands in Australia:

  • Whirlpool.
    One of the common and most affordable brands on the market. When it comes to Whirlpools, they are considered top quality and valuable.

  • Westinghouse.
    An extremely reliable and value for money option. Westinghouse is popular with my residents throughout the country. Will last for years, even decades, if maintained properly.

  • Samsung.
    Now, we’re hitting it up with the bigger brands. Samsung might be known for their phones, but they are also effective in creating modern day stunning fridges.

  • Electrolux.
    When it comes to fridges that are all about style, as well as being advanced in its innovations, Electrolux is the brand for you. Considered a very popular and common option for people.

  • Fisher & Paykel.
    Perhaps recognised throughout the country, as the main big boy of fridges and kitchen appliances. Hard to argue with its popularity: they are stylish, sophisticated and technologically advanced.

  • LG.
    You have probably seen the ads on TV everywhere. It’s hard to disagree that LG is one of the most popular brands on the fridge market on Australia. They are always looking to take the next step with its innovations.

These six brands are considered the most popular fridge brands in Australia. You go to any store and these are the brands that will stand out from the rest. They have every reason to. If you want to maintain and ensure the quality of these fridges when repairs and maintenance is needed, get in touch with us at Snowcool at 0408 236 580!

Popular Brands we service at Snowcool Melbourne

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