Questions To Ask Your Fridge Repair Specialist.

  • You might be ready to hire a fridge repair specialists, but you before signing up anything, you should look to ask them the right questions. And we have those questions for you. Take a ready below and ask your fridge professional. Trust us, in the long run, it will be worth it.

    1. Do you have a licence?
      Nothing says professionalism like finding out that the repairman is licenced. A professional is licensed means that they follow safety guidelines, are committed to their reputation and live up to the highest Australian standards. Those with no licences or certificates should be avoided. Stick to the ones that will make the difference to your fridge.

    2. Do you offer warranties?
      You want to know if the professional will cover their work. You don’t want to get your fridge fixed for problems to arise down the line. You want to ensure that your fridge is repaired and working in the long run. Ask for any warranties or guarantees on their work.

    3. Can you work on all types of fridges?
      It is important to know if the repairman can actually fix your type of fridge. Over the years, while the “concept” of fridges have stayed the same, the technology behind them has changed. You need to know if the professional can work on your fridge, regardless of the model, brand or year.

    4. Do you have plenty of experience?
      The more experience in the job, the more likely they can repair your fridge problems. That is not to discount a newcomer to the scene. They will be eager to impress and can do a great job. But having experience does help in the long run.

Why Snowcool?

Few reasons why at Snowcool we are different from other businesses and the way we offer quality value for your money.

  • Early 7am start
  • Fully trade qualified, licensed, insured and factory trained technicians
  • Australian Refrigeration Council licensed and accredited repairer
  • Refrigerant Trading Authorisation No: 39559
  • Licensed for live fault finding on appliances from energy safe Victoria
  • Same day service and online booking
  • Pensioners’ discount
  • We only use genuine parts and accessories
  • All repairs covered by written warranty
  • Carry most parts in the van
  • Member of Victorian Appliance Industry Association