Should I Fix A Refrigerator Myself?

  • So there are times your fridge is playing up and you are thinking that maybe it is time to get it repaired. But for a second there, you think: “yes, I can repair it myself”. And while it might sound like a fine and solid idea at the time, there are couple of warnings that you should know about before going on a DIY fridge repair mission. Check out our list below and see when it comes to fixing your fridge,

    • You can make it worse by not fixing it properly.

    • This can cause you to spend more down the line, in either hiring a repairman to fix the original problem, as well as the one you caused.

    • There is also the potential that you could have damaged the fridge completely and now be forced to buy a new one.

    • You could actually be putting your home and family at risk by repairing it yourself. One wrong wire or screw and it could catch fire.

    • Parts for older models might be harder to find than you expect. There is also a tendency for them to be expensive if they are hard to get.

    • You will actually save more money down the line if you just hire a professional from the first time. They can easily repair your fridge – old or new – and ensure that you can live in peace in your home.

    These are just a few of the reasons on why you shouldn’t be fixing your fridge by yourself. If you feel that your fridge is showing signs of problems and you need to get it repaired, look to a professional. They can make all the difference in the long run. Contact the experts here at Snow Cool for the services that you need for your fridge.

Why Snowcool?

Few reasons why at Snowcool we are different from other businesses and the way we offer quality value for your money.

  • Early 7am start
  • Fully trade qualified, licensed, insured and factory trained technicians
  • Australian Refrigeration Council licensed and accredited repairer
  • Refrigerant Trading Authorisation No: 39559
  • Licensed for live fault finding on appliances from energy safe Victoria
  • Same day service and online booking
  • Pensioners’ discount
  • We only use genuine parts and accessories
  • All repairs covered by written warranty
  • Carry most parts in the van
  • Member of Victorian Appliance Industry Association