What are the main types of refrigerators?

When it comes to refrigerators, there are thousands of different options in which you have to choose from. When it comes to styles, colours, shapes and sizes there is an endless list of options that you can choose from. There is also the wide selection of brands that you can choose from.

Yet amongst the sea of refrigerators, there are four main types that are part and parcel of the refrigerator world. You can find these four types in almost any size, colour, style and brand in any store. These are the most popular types and we here at Snow Cool are happy to showcase them to you.

The Top Freezer:
The name says it all. Refrigerators that have the freezer on the top of the design, allowing you easy access to your freezer. Access to the freezer is through a door. In regards to prices, this model (next to the one listed below) is the most fairly priced and not one that will blow the budget. Has lots of room to store stuff, but not in regards to the freezer.

The Bottom Freezer:
Another one where the name gives it all away. The freezer in this case is located at the bottom of the refrigerator, giving you a slightly more bendable access to your freezer. The difference is, access is made through a draw, instead of a door. Much like top freezer refrigerators, their prices are not expensive or exuberant, and there is a limited amount of space for the freezer.

The Side By Side:
This special case involves the refrigerator being split down the middle, with one side committed to the freezer and the other being for the fridge. The problem with these types of fridges is that you have a limited amount of space to put stuff in. For example, you can’t put in a large plate because it won’t fit due to the thin design. Fortunately, these model of refrigerators are quite pricey.

The French Door:
This is where you get the best of both worlds (to a degree) with the combination of the side by the side refrigerator with the bottom freezer fridge. You will get the extra space when it comes to the freezer with the bottom draw, but there might be limit to your actual fridge space. These models are considered part of the more expensive styles.

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