What Does Home Appliance Repairs Entail?

So you have noticed that your fridge isn’t working as well. Or perhaps your washing machine isn’t doing its job properly. These are the signs that it might be time to seek a professional to repair the appliances for you. But what is included in a home appliance repair service? Luckily, as experts in all forms of home appliance repairs, we break it down for you.

What is considered a home appliance? 

Before we tell you what will recieve from a professional service, we have to make it clear what is considered a home appliance firstly. It can include any of the following:

What is considered in the process? 

When it comes to getting a professional to look at your home appliances, you should be recieving the following things during a home appliance repairing service:

  • An inspection into the home appliance, assessing and looking at all the potential issues that could be happening.

  • A report on what is wrong with the home appliance.

  • A list of solutions that can repair the home appliance and bring the machine back to its premium best.

  • A quote regarding the price of how much it will cost to restore the appliance

  • The repair process itself, which could take a couple of hours, depending on the condition or situation

  • Warranty and guarantees.

This is what you will get when it comes to hiring a home appliance specialist at your home. Snow Cool has everything you need to make sure that your home appliances are back working in their premier condition.

Why Snowcool?

Few reasons why at Snowcool we are different from other businesses and the way we offer quality value for your money.

  • Early 7am start
  • Fully trade qualified, licensed, insured and factory trained technicians
  • Australian Refrigeration Council licensed and accredited repairer
  • Refrigerant Trading Authorisation No: 39559
  • Licensed for live fault finding on appliances from energy safe Victoria
  • Same day service and online booking
  • Pensioners’ discount
  • We only use genuine parts and accessories
  • All repairs covered by written warranty
  • Carry most parts in the van
  • Member of Victorian Appliance Industry Association